Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Tutu shoot

I had been searching flickr and found some awesome kids pics with tutus. Which of course, made me want to do tutu pics and I just so happened to have 3 girls running around (I don't understand why tanner is so opposed to girl things, despite me trying *heavy sigh*).

Anyway, so off to walmart we went, to buy some tulle (pronounced tool for those that don't know how, which btw, is a pet peeve). After some slight arguing that they should get to pick their own colors (there's only one tutu and it stays here), we settled on *my* choice, which, everyone liked.

Then a SECOND trip to walmart, because a thick tutu takes around 10 yards of tulle! I should have used leftover wedding tulle LOL. (maybe I'll make a mini one for babies out of white).

I set up a mini studio in my livingroom while the girls were swimming in the pool and this is what we created:




Hands down, the last one is my favorite shot of the day. I'll be using it in some promotional materials. I learned some good things about photographing kids. First, don't have other kids around, it's a major distraction (if you can). and also, the best shots I got where when I said "what is YOUR favorite pose?" works well for girls that are all big hams.

We also did a photoshoot of Katie (stacy's daughter spending the night). Katie didn't look quite as comfortable as the other girls. We need to do pictures more and without other kids around, so she'll loosen up a bit!

More updates UP in a bit.

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