Tuesday, July 8, 2008

be our guest

I told you I'd post pictures of my guests. These three are our "official" first guests that get to stay in the guest room.
These are the 3 grandbabies. Don't they look so pretty in their wedding dresses? I actually made their dresses for them. We are having FUN. We've been swimming in the pool. Yesterday they swam for like THREE HOURS. wow are they tan now. LOL. Tanner has been hanging out with them, and barely annoyed, which is saying a lot for a 13 year old.
We're getting ready to start an "arts and crafts" project in a bit. We're going to make an album called "Today I...". Kind of a scrapbook/journal remembering their days at grandpa/fauxma's house.
Fauxma? "Faux".. the illusion of but not really. lol. I'm too young to be a grandma (in my head at least).
We're also going to try to make a trip to the zoo in Omaha (again!), probably go to the lake to swim, etc. Lots of fun stuff.
Since they are going to be here most of the month of July, I decided on a "project" to go along with theirs. A simple album called "Today we..." which is kind of like theirs, but larger and more details. It will start at the beginning of July (which I'm behind atm!!) and go the whole month, even after they leave, so I'm going to have something more exciting than "Today we... slept in".
I'll post some of our project as we go along. Time to GLUE!

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