Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photo smack down.

Alright, 12:23 a.m., so making this quick.

Toastin' the mallows. The perfect marshmellow:

Tanner discovered baby catfish on the beach. It was a source of entertaiment for a *long* time. They had fun catching and releasing. I've never seen a baby one before.

The group "fishing" See my purty brollie?

My man. I'll keep him.

My other man.. I'll keep him too.

Ice cream parlor. I'm sure maddie is way more excited than she looks.

The lemon swirl ice cream matches the dress so of COURSE that's the one.

Yeah.. thanks for that:

Why... after a day of swimming, we came home and..... went swimming.

Please note my silver teaset my lovely husband bought me as a surprise. I'd asked for it before we got married, I'd found it at a sale (garage sale, where the chick has booths in antique stores). We went to get it, and she was closed... so the other day, she had another garage sale, so he stopped by to get it for me. Ain't he a keeper?

The flowers are from the wedding of course, they look nice with it, Let's see how that pretty little arrangment stays.

OK, I'm out!


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