Monday, July 28, 2008

Henry Doorly Zoo - again.

As I said, we planned on the zoo. We wanted to go a week earlier, but threatening weather kept us home that day. It worked out ok, as it was calling for rain again, but sprinkled *slightly* once, and was cloudy. Very good since the sun easily kicks my ass on a regular basis. (more on that later).

By afternoon, the threats of storms were gone, and the sun was kicking *all* our asses. We saw things we somehow missed last time and tried to finish off with the petting zoo. Which all that ended up being was petting a couple goats, complaining we were in the sun, Gene kicking a goat to get out of the stroller and us deciding we were hungry and leaving.

Here are just a few of the 247 pictures I took at the zoo (literally)

Gene found a mini rhino!!!

Me and my man

Maddie wore her cowboy hat all day (she was threatened if she didn't! lol)

My favorite pic of Cheyenne the whole day. HAM

Cade got to ride most of the time (thanks stacy for letting us borrow the stroller!). Here we are, stretching our legs a bit, resting at the aviary.

The stingray came right into my shot as I snapped. Awesome unplanned.

Really felt like we were under the ocean!


In other news....

I've been sick. I got something from Tanner (evil brat). Saturday morning, he was not feeling well, but bucked it up and went to the zoo and seemed fine, then went to bed and crashed at like 8:20 p.m. We didn't move him.

I woke up this morning with a massive headache, and after telling god if I was gonna barf, make it now... 30 seconds later, I was praying to the porcelain god. I found a seahorse, a lego and a french fry from the 3rd grade. That SUCKED. But instantly I felt better. Not sure wth was up with that. Oh well, I still have a headache and my tummy kinda aches. I stayed in bed until 1:30 p.m. And I will NEVER have cinnamon Honey bunches of Oats *ever again*.


Tanner has been nagging me for like.. EVER... to upgrade my memory on my old computer (we figured out the other day, I bought it in '02). So I broke down and bought the wrong memory (thanks tanner) from walmart. Returned it, and then ordered the right stuff online. It came and he installed it. *so much better*. I'm at 768meg now, and can go up to 1 gig. I will be upgrading again.

Speaking of computers. Tanner's laptop shot craps *sigh* we didn't figure it out until we bought a new monitor and a new adapter for it. We stopped at Northwest Computers to see if he could give us some insight and he said it was the motherboard or something attached to it, sobasically - part it out. BUT, while I was there, he had an external dvd burner with the software to edit movies, photo dvd's etc. It was a steal at $50 so I snatched one of those up. He also had 60 (??) gig external hard drives for $25. I didn't get one, but he had tons, so I'll go back and get another. I need to free up some space on my hard drive. I think that will make my computer run faster. I need to be taking better care of it due to it's old ancient type age. (i'm dragging my feet).

Walmart had laptops for $400. We contemplated a new one, but decided we'll wait - maybe they'll have a good sale at xmas.


The summer is too quickly coming to an end. It's true what they say, once the 4th of july passes, it's all down hill. It's so sad because up to the 4th, was super busy.

I can honestly say, this is the first summer I've not been miserable and hated it. I'm not a huge fan of bugs and being outside in the heat (sorry, I'd like to be but it makes me sick!), so spring/fall have always been my favorites. Too bad they both last like a *week*.

This summer, I've swam in the pool during the day by myself, and that's so relaxing, and I seriously have a *tan*. GET OUT. I had to buy darker foundation because my old stuff looked like mime makeup with my darker complexion. yes, I have a *darker complexion* (ie: I'm on level 3 of makeup (out of 20) instead of 1.)

Gene says I look like a monarch (pasty white, servants to do my tasks). I will pretend like I'm not offended by that. Not my fault he has a level 10 tan in the *winter* (bastard).

This year, expect a bumper crop of crickets. I'm so not looking forward to that. When I went out to do laundry, I put my white laundry basket in the grass, look down 10 seconds later and there's 12 tiny crickets in it. *sweet*


I hate crickets.

Enough for today.

Tomorrow? A rant on Obama. Stay tuned folks.


Janet said...

Thanks for the zoo pics--looks like fun! I hope you feel better soon!

Sandra Collins said...

those zoo pics are fantastic

pink_chihuahua_art said...

Beautiful zoo pics!!

Lily said...

Wow, zoo pics are hard but you did an amazing job. Hope you feel better.

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