Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yeehaw the fair comes to town

Nodaway county fair rolled into town again this weekend. It just lucked out that it happened to be here when the girls were in town. They came up for it last year too, and tho tractors and politicians are not terribly exciting, free candy always seems to be a hit.

We started the morning out with the parade, which meant getting up earlier than usual on a Saturday morning. I'm really looking forward to sleeping until 10 two saturdays from now *sigh*.

Grandpa and his girls, waiting. It's not even hot yet.

Playing a bit with camera angles, I laid the camera on the ground for this shot

My favorite parade shot. Chey was all over this horse when he came by. I'm not sure if he was "talking" or nipping. Either way, all was fine. I'd like to think he was saying "nice to meet you". The look in maddies face is priceless.

So then, after the parade, we went home for a while. The girls couldn't figure out why in the world, we were leaving THE FAIR. UGH. I finally instituted the rule "Talk about the fair, and it will be longer til we go to *the fair*". Which didn't work really, but it made ME feel better.

Grandpa mowed a bit, and cussed a lot. The lawnmower we just bought is giving us some fits, so that has to go to the repair place this week. Our lawn is shaggy. The girls swam and I sat in quiet... and it was good.

My handsome husband, with me at the top of the ferris wheel. It's the one ride I really want to ride on every year.

Here is a picture of our courthouse, from the top of the ferris wheel. The sun is getting low, and gold. I have several of these pics, but you know, who can resist another. I am biased, but I do believe we have a beautiful courthouse.

Future daredevils, enjoying the mini rollercoaster.

Not so future daredevils, enjoying the scrambler. I wish now I had panned more when I took this shot... so they'd be more sharp. next year.... noting to self.

And the end of a long dusty trail. Grandpa and his girls, heading home.

My best shot.
Not perfect, but probably my fav of the day. Loved how the umbrellas of the rides and the carnival is all glowing, but no way can it overshadow the courthouse.
And a note.

Yay freaking rock on for blogger. I was 7/8 through this post when we had a quicky weird brown out or something (not completely uncommon here). This site autosaves every 30 seconds or so, so it was sitting for me, waiting in draft mode.
*hugs blogger*

More pics later (probably tomorrow), I have others to share from the past few days.

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