Tuesday, July 22, 2008

photography class

Today was a little "me" time. I waited until everyone was watching TV or terrorizing tanner, and quietly snuck out the front door. If you don't, you have 4 ppl and 75 questions being bulleted at you like a semi automatic.

I've been obsessed with the corn. Stacy is obsessed with corn too, she told me when she moved back from AZ, that the corn made her so happy. With me, that's usually hay.... no idea why, but hay makes me happy.

Anyway, so I went 6 feet to the cornfield and started shooting, and here's some of my best shots.

I never knew the micro mini spider was there, until I opened the photos on my computer and there he was. He couldn't have been more than 1/16"

This is our mailbox. yes, isn't it awful? I want a new one, but it's not a priority at the moment. Anyway, I am playing with saturation here and creating some of my own filters for the photo.

These next photos are my own class on lens flare. I love the look and wanted to experiment with the low evening sun, plus you get the idea of how tall the corn really is.

And lastly, a couple super close ups of some bugs in the cornsilk. If you flip the silk over, about ever ear has some bugs underneath and man do they want to stay there! This cornsilk just *glows* when the light hits it just right. Most of these photos are not edited any more than just cropped or such.
I'm still itching for going out in the weeds. I've never realized that I have some allergy to *something*. Bleh. Oh well, I'm learning all kinds of new things out here in the sticks.

I might post some more pics tonight later, depending on how late I stay up. I've been staying up late each night for my OWN SANITY. I now realize how badly I need ME time. I could so easily become a hermit, if I didn't like talking so much. :)

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