Sunday, July 13, 2008

bits and bats

OK, I'm highly irritated.

There's an option to do a slideshow on this stinking blog, with my flickr account and I'll be DAMNED if it will let me share it.

I wanted to share this with you. It's maternity pictures that I did for Torrie and Becky. And to let you all know, I'm available for maternity sittings. I'm going to have to rope Laura into one, but I don't think Laura is a bare belly type mamma, even tho she drives a fast yellow mustang. We need to let her little one ripen a bit, then I'll wrangle her. ;)

The very first picture in that set, is probably one of my very favorite pictures of all time. It's so beautiful! (That's Torrie) Everytime I look at it, I say "I took that?"

Going to work this week on my photography website. I'd really like to get some senior pics done, and I'm going to go out on a limb and put an ad in the paper. I've been a little underconfident about my photography lately, but I realized that if *I* like my photos, then I'm sure other's will too, AND the reasonable price that goes along with it.

Ya know, I actually own a Senior this year, you'd think I'd have easy access to the bunch, but he's not that kinda kid. I am looking forward to doing his shoot tho, Seth is very handsome but it's hard to get a good shot of him because he doesn't like to admit he likes to SMILE. :p

In other news, we spent a good chunk of the day today at the lake. It was almost perfect weather out, not really hot, but my problem is never the heat, it's the sun. I get overheated easily or something, because when I get out in the sun for very long, I feel sick to my stomach, so yes, that was me, with the big huge golf umbrella on the beach (black with white polka dots). I was the only umbrella there, looking dorkish, but, it kept me on the beach for 1.5 hours.. whereas in the past, I would have been on the beach for about 10 min and then I'm out.

I'll share pictures in a seperate post. I hate inserting pic on blogger after you start typing.

Afterwards, went to the new ice cream shop in Bedford - still miffed that the Frosty Trete is gone (no idea if the new one is them moving, or competition that ran them out). I did have an awesome peanut butter malt, my favorite. I loooooooove malteds. everyone has shakes, never malts.

Caidence insisted on lemon, because it was lellow (yellow). No amount of arguing would change her mind. "you better eat it or I'll be ticked" seemed to work. In fact, the "you better" "or I'll...." seems to work well with them all. I only have really been ticked off once so far.

Tanner is back at his dad's so we're all flying free now. I know they'll miss the heck out of him, because they were on him like stink on ... stuff.

After ice cream, we headed south, went to JCPenney and bought 3 things, 2 dresses and some capris.. oh, and flip flops for the girls. Had our monthly arguement of "that's not what the sign says" with them. I am sure they hate us, but it did save me about $10 so we'll continue to have the arguement until they decide to say "kids clothes not included" which really annoys me. I do admit, I love getting $50 dresses for $8 for the girls.

They are spoiled.

Oh. And my foot still hurts. I had 3 good days in a row, now we're back.. and I bought a wrap for it that's tight, and woke me up last night, but it felt better this morning, then back to normal. I guess I'll have to break down and call Dr. Pat and see if he can give me any other suggestions other than "get a night splint" which I've looked for one, and I guess I'll have to buy one online.

F'ing flip flops.

OK, photos in a bit, if I can stay awake long enough. I'm getting tired and well, I have 3 girls to chase tomorrow!

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