Monday, July 7, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Cease

Meet Mr. and Mrs Cease

Everything went *perfect*. I only forgot one tiny detail, and I remembered it about 50 yards from the house and said "not important" and went without it.

My AMAZING new SIL/BIL really stepped up to the plate and helped set up, serve food and tear down. I almost cried because I realize that Gene would have been in over his head had we not had them there.

Weather was perfect. Only started about 10 min late. (I had sent an email out with the itinerary stating *I'm going on time period*.... only not quite so bridezilla... well a tiny bit lol).

Food was good, fireworks were awesome. Everything is done.. Yay! I was so ready for it to be OVER. Took the weekend off to just lay there. LOL

My guests are here. I'll post some pics this afternoon!

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