Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Antiversary to me!

Today is a day for celebration. No really.
Had I stayed married to my ex... today would have been our 20th anniversary. Man, I'm glad I dodged that bullet. I'm way to lazy at the moment to drag out photos from my first wedding, and well, I just don't care. They're in some box in storage. Let's just say I married way too young (like 7... yeah that number) and that was probably the demise from day one. You can't get married right out of high school and then not expect to change.

Anyway, I accomplished my goals yesterday of painting tanner's door, putting on TWO KNOBS (my math was off, I had to get creative), I also got the hardware on, and one door of mine hung, but the other door was short some hardware, so I called the company and it will be shipped. In the meantime, the door is just sitting there... mocking me.

Today will be a hectic day. I need to go to town to pic up a batch of photos (I'll share later), I'm going to work on a portfolio book that has a sampling of all my different types of photos, I've gotta go to the bank, pay bills (bleh), call the storage guys and make sure that we are sched for friday, which brings up the worst job of the day, moving crap out of the storage unit. Yay me and Tanner!!

That is so going to SUCK. And we have to compromise on some things because I'm tired of a tablesaw being in my dining room. I'm just saying.

Later today, if I get time, I'll post some pics on our little weekend adventure to my sisters... we went boating with them, and it was a blast!

In the meantime, gotta rock cuz the list is long and the day is short!

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