Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today is another day....

Bad day, you are behind me. I will not spend my day looking back and visiting your dark cloud self.

Instead, today I will get some work done! I'm going to finally get those bifolds hung, and I think I'll paint the doors that are *already* hanging in tanner's room. Probably not the smartest way to do it, but it looks like rain today so I don't want my paint job to get ruined. And, maybe after 6 months, I'll get the knobs put on Tanner's doors. Well, knob. I lost one. :)

Also have to spend some time today, working on cleaning out the storage unit. I will be so glad to see that eyesore gone from my driveway. Remember the flood? That was 3 months ago this weekend. I *still* have this stupid storage unit in my yard. We've created a small swamp (when it rains) by having to drive around it on the right. Nothing about 600 pounds of gravel won't fix. I don't have 600 pounds of gravel :p

Anyway, that storage unit is going to disappear on Friday.. I hope. Servpro has terrible communication skills, so even tho I've said *friday* at the latest 18 times, I doubt anyone followed up on it. That's why I will accomplish that today too.

And lastly, I have a BUNCH of crafts/scrapbook supplies that I'm going to try to get listed someplace. Probably craigslist as I've had good luck with them. Maybe ebay, I don't know. I hate doing listings :p I've made good $$ selling off my old crap tho. I feel kinda old school I've trimmed down my scrapbook supplies by probably 1/3. It feels good not to have 9000 sheets of paper (only 6000). :P

OK ppl... maybe I"ll post later today, if I accomplish my tasks.

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