Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home improvements

re-read yesterday. yep. pretty much feel the same way.

I've been a busy bee already today, and yet, I still feel like not enough is accomplished. Went to the bank to deposit an insurance check from the flood, bought my furbabies some food (they get pissed when you don't feed them, went to sutherlands and bought beadboard paneling (more on that in a min) and went to the PO to mail a box. Mail is too expensive. bleh. Now I see why ppl prefer gift cards.

Because the issue with the plumbing was a recall on our plumbing like, 15 years ago.... we have to replumb the house before the foundation goes up this fall. It just so happened, that gene was talking to his boss, and his boss just so happened to have a kit that will plumb an entire house.... at about 1/4 of what it would cost is in a store. :)

So right now, there's no water in the spare bathroom. blah. BUT, he spent the weekend under the house and it's close to being done. Water will have to be shut down for a while while he hooks everything back up. I told him, that if we're going to do that, we might as well get a sink for the spare bathroom. We'd intended to use an old cabinet and make it into a vanity, but honestly, it was turning into a lot of work and was going to cost a lot more money buying what I really wanted, which was a vessel sink.

So then while at Home Depot, I happened across this:

I've always liked this style. It's not as deep as a regular sink, but enough for a toilet brush, some TP and maybe some hand towels. And it was on CLEARANCE.

Gene and I were just saying the other day, that whenever we needed something, we just sat patiently and wait and it comes to us.... much cheaper. This has happened to us dozens of times since we found this house. I think a higher power is helping us along a bit :)

So anyway, the bathroom in question, only has tile done in it (floor), nothing else. SOOOO before we can put in that vanity this weekend, I have to get the wall behind it ready, which is the beadboard I bought. I'll be installing that tomorrow hopefully, if the weather cooperates with me. It needs to be painted, which it will be white, and then the walls above are going to be a pretttttty orange color, that amber gave me left over from her remodel. I'm hoping there's enough of that orange to paint my laundry room too.

Once we get the walls done, then we can start looking to get the shower tiled. I'm really not looking forward to that part. LOL. Who wants free beer and can tile really well????

Any takers?


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Monkey Momma said...

Oh wow...this is an old post to comment on. But I had to comment...I've got this sink in our guest bath and I LOVE IT! :-)

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