Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, 2:38 p.m. and got some things accomplished today.

- Put away all yesterday's dishes, which was a lot, because I was unable to wash dishes for several days due to plumbing.
-Finished up laundry
-Went to the bank and deposited a ginormous insurance check. Wish we could keep it all and have that 3 week honeymoon to Italy/England/Scotland/Ireland *after all*.
-Went to wally world and FORGOT THE BREAD. DOH. He's gonna be annoyed at me. LOL. I just realized the main thing I needed I forgot. Oops. LOL. He loves me, (and the bread) so he'll pick up a loaf on the way home.
-Mailed off the girls last package of stuff. Nothing major, just needed it out of the house.
-Paid my taxes so that I can get my car license renewed. I hope they don't make me get new plates. I hate the new plates.
-Wasted a whole trip to Sutherlands - as they did not have *one single* thing I wanted.

Yesterday, got the house pretty clean compared to the CSI crime scene it was. I also started the baseboard trim in the bathroom. I'm at a stopping point until that sink gets installed which I was PROMISED this weekend. I would start it myself, but there's some plumbing I don't want to tackle (there's a clean out tube that's gonna kick our ass).

I still have the door to stain which I'm going to do here in a bit, then I'm going to put the bathroom doorknob on. I'll share a pic when I'm done.

I'm very pleased with this bathroom. It's going to look so nice when it's done. The theme of the bathroom is a western theme, and I've collected some items along the way for the walls. Some I've had for years. We're even going to use an antler that gene had from someplace as a towel holder. I suggest, it will rock.

Nothing else exciting. Just my ho-hum life.

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