Friday, August 15, 2008


good morning!

Well, I think we're all back to being well. I'm pretty sure. Gene and I both caught a bit of a bug. I got it first I think, although he said the guys at work had it too, so he obviously was the silent ninja carrier. Essentially, you're doing great and as the day progesses the more tired you get and Ugh the sore tummy!! Mine was about 4-5 days. Gene's was fast and furious. No time to be sick with him. gottaworkgottawork.

I got all the paneling up in the bathroom but not the trim. Did I mention that my husband bought me a miter saw last xmas? No? Well, he did, how awesome is that. I wanted it. And it's specifically for doing trim in this house, but miter saws are awesome, I've always wanted one.

I'm contemplating dragging it out today so that I can get the trim done in the bathroom. There'll be several things going on in there including a new medicine chest I plan on making myself, some baseboard (needs routered first tho), some trim around the top and corners, and then a shelf that goes all the way around the room. I'm gonna be a regular trim master I swear. I figure if I screw it up, it's so small no one is gonna know, or I can rip it out easy enough. But I've been putting off unpacking and assembling that miter saw!

yesterday, got quite a bit of my old dollhouse furniture listed. *sigh*. I decided it was something that I probably won't ever get to do again. Dollhouses take up a *lot* of space. I have 3 that are in storage right now. and I have one kit that will take up the space of all 3 of those houses combined. I decided that I really should *move on*. Plus it doesn't fit into the scheme of my life anymore. When tanner graduates and goes off to college, it's game on for me and Gene. We've already agreed that will be pulling up stakes and going whereever the wind blows us, and well, that's kinda hard to do when you're dragging dollhouses behind you.

I see some little girls in the future that will probably end up with some houses!

I also put up some scrapbooking/stamping stuff. I *still* have a ton of stuff to go through. I am selling it off fairly quickly tho. Too bad you'll never get back out of it what you have in it. Again, see "pulling up stakes" section of this post.

Today, going to really get on that scrapbook room. At least get the stuff that needs sorted over to the sides as I have 3 albums I have to finish for the girls and I need to mail them. I'd like to finish those tonight so I can mail off the rest of their stuff tomorrow.

I also have to wash dishes, which seems innocent enough, but I have to haul water from the bathroom to do it. LOL. I feel like Laura Ingalls. (yeah, she hauled heated water from her indoor toilet, I forgot that part). No wonder they only took a bath once a week back then!

OK, I'm off.

I shall leave you with "a study of a peach". Which just so happens to be my lunch yesterday, which just happened to be sitting next to a wine goblet, so, I took it's picture. It was so pretty, who could resist.

{tasted great too}

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Camille Minichino said...

Wish I could see your crafts rooms! It sounds like a great life, past, present, and future.

One way to get back what you put into hobbies is to donate ... I put together a dollhouse every year for a local school raffle. It gets a lot of attention and money and I get to buy a new kit and enjoy the process all over again.
Of course I keep SOME of what I make!
Camille/Margaret Grace

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