Friday, April 16, 2010

Saint Louey


If you ever get the chance, and you've never been, you really should take some time to visit St. Louis.

I'll never forget the first time I ever went. Thinking back, I'm surprised I was in my early twenties before I ever made it. I was a new mom and Seth (now 20) was just a little baby. We'd made a weekend road trip to Hannibal and down to St. Louis.

It was kind of magical.

Now I know what you're thinking, not many people put the words "St. Louis" and "Magical" together, but if you'd have been there, you would have too. The weather was crazy beautiful, and it was springtime.

We were down on the riverfront, and the breeze was blowing just perfect, the sky was clear, the jazz music was wafting down from the clubs a couple blocks away and just like a perfect movie, there were many couples, dressed in their prom wear with floor length gowns and tuxedos, walking the waterfront.

So St. Louis isn't ALWAYS like that, but if I had a time to pick to visit, it would be this time of year.

We got lucky.

It started out innocent enough. Amber and I decided to go to the restaurant area of downtown to walk around, look at some shops, eat a meal and possibly have some drinks. I'd take my camera and get some great pics in the process.

about 4 photos in, my camera died. (the pic above was the last one).

Seems someone didn't follow their OWN RULE, and print out the travel checklist that I *always* use for reasons just like this. No idea why, I just didn't think of it. The result was, I didn't have a back up battery.

Of course, this sets me off kilter and I become a little hyperfocused on fixing the problem. I mean, I'm a photographer, a blogger, and I'm in a town I've not been to for years... oh, and my sister ASKED me to take photos for her, and I forgot the damn battery.

I felt bad.

Then I felt bad I was ruining Amber's evening.

Then I vented on Facebook.

Finally, I tracked down a best buy, borrowed a truck, and we made it there with 20 minutes to spare. Then we shared an appetizer at Applebees and had a vent session. There was a little recovery.


I was really fascinated with the repetition and design of the parking garage that was our view from the hotel room.

I'd like to show you a fancier view, but that's as good as it got.

So I call it "art" and move on.

Sunday was the hair show, but Monday was the arch. We hopped a cab and was there in just a few minutes. It really is as cool as it looks.


I've been inside before, but Amber had not, and I don't believe mom had either. Those tiny squares you see at the top? Those are the windows you'll be looking out of when you get to the top.


On the way in, we ran into a sweet couple. She was holding an actual DSLR so I knew she wouldn't look at my camera like a monkey looking at a football. She can stand upright, she knows to hold it to your eye, and she can find the button. Good enough!

We asked her to take our photo together, and then we took theirs.

We get to talking, and find out that she's there for the convention too and we end up going to the top at the same time.


When you go, you'll ride in a little capsule kind of like this. 5 people fit in there, so if you are clausterphobic (I am) this ride might not be for you. We were ok, only 3 of us were in ours.


Plus I'm really more scared of heights.

Why do I like going up there again?

Anyway, this is the St. Louis view from the top. Monday was opening day at Cardinals stadium, there were little red ants everywhere!

*I still love you Mark McGwire!* (somewhere in my photo stash I know I have a good shot of Big Mac's butt from 1999. Sorry, he has a nice butt. Well, he did anyway)


It's 630 feet at the top, which did you know, is higher than the statue of liberty? I've never seen the Liberty, so knowing this, I don't know if I'd be nearly as impressed!

The arch was built the year I was born, and we had some relatives that came to visit years ago. They brought along a vintage 8mm reel and we watched movies that included the arch being built, and me as a wee baby.

You're right. It was weird.


On the way out, someone noticed that the walls were covered with vintage looking maps with business signs. There were several hairdresser pics and we had a good laugh about it and decided on photo op with our new friend!


You also MUST visit the cute little Mercantile shop under the arch (there's a tiny town under that thing!) It had old time feel goods and I even bought some Osceola Cheese. You just can't shake that stuff!

Amber found a bottle of "Hair wash" and we mourned for all the split ends there were in 1874.


*and we pray*

I'd like to visit again. It was a quick trip and I found out that Tanner has never been to the top. He goes again soon and I will squash him like a bug if he doesn't ride up.


Tanner you are warned.


Tracy said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I have never been there, but you made me put it on my list.

Darcie said...

Oh-looks like fun. Thanks for my virtual trip.

me said...

Wow, as someone who was born and raised in St. Louis it's great to see it from an outside perspective! Living here all my life I tend to take the arch for granted and it really is a neat place to visit.

Lana said...

Thank you ladies.
You are awesome.

That's right... I said it.

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