Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tips and Tricks - Travel Checklist

I've been lucky enough in my life to do a fair amount of traveling. A few years ago, I was flying a lot, and realized, that every time I went, I was making the same travel list over and over again.

Finally I had a lightbulb moment, and decided that if I make a master list, I won't have to write out the same things over and over again, forgetting something important.

I saved it on my computer, and each time I go to travel, I open the file, and print it out.

Now, rarely do I need fuzzy slippers and a bathing suit on the same trip, so I quickly go through the list, and scratch out the things I don't need. That leaves me with a master list of things I need to pack!

Sometimes, I find something new that needs to be added, and I'll make a note. When I get done packing, I'll update the list for the next trip.

I know this sounds overly organized - which I am not - so if I am doing it, it would be super easy for you to do it too! In fact, I'm going to include the text of my list below (most of it), so that you can just copy and paste into your own word processing program of choice. Add the things that YOU need and voila! This will save you from ending up in London with no skirts and nice dress requirements on London's west end (happened to me).... or, if you're more like me now, you won't end up at your destination with no make up. (yep, happened to me too).

Lana's Travel Checklist:

____ Books
____ Books on tape/CD
____ DVD's
____ Scrapbook supplies
____ Magazines

____ Camera
____ Batteries
____ Memory cards
____ Battery Charger
____ Laptop
____ Laptop Charger

____ Advil
____ Dramamine
____ _______________

____ Q-Tips
____ Hairbands
____ Hairspray
____ Hairbrush
____ Shampoo
____ flat iron
____ Blow Dryer
____ Make up
____ make up remover
____ Purses
____ Alarm clock
____ Razors
____ Bandaids
____ Robe

____ Pillow
____ House Keys

____ Jeans
____ Dress slacks
____ Capris
____ T-shirts
____ Dress up shirts
____ Socks
____ Underwear
____ Bras
____ Pajamas
____ Swimsuit
____ Flip flops
____ Tennis shoes
____ Dress up shoes
____ Jacket
____ Jewelry
____ Slippers

____ Passport
____ License
____ Boarding Pass
____ Credit/Debit Cards
____ Cash
____ Headset
____ Sunglasses
____ Maps/Directions
____ Cell Phone
____ Phone charger
____ Itinerary
____ Extra Suitcase/tote
____ Car reservation info

Stuff to do:
____ Leave note
____ Pay bills
____ Turn down water heater
____ Hold mail
____ Take out trash
____ Dishes
____ Laundry
____ Bank
____ House payment
____ Wax eyebrows
____ Feed Cats/Mice
____ Charge camera batteries

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