Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet Kade


You should meet Kade. This is how he looks ALL THE TIME! Tons of smiles, and Daddy can make him *laugh* really big. Taking his picture was EASY!


I got an opportunity to try out my new (old) baby doll carriage that I got for a whopping $16.50 antique shopping. FYI, we saw a similar one this weekend not as cute for $240!!


Sweet feet of Kade and his brother and sister. They were all really cute kids!



Dad is a John Deere guy. Can you tell?


I also finally found a little guy to put into my giant teacup. He just barely fit. He also seized the opportunity to chew on his toes.


Bet ya can't do that when you're 40 Kade.

No, in fact I down right guarantee it.


And my absolute favorite of the session:


Selective coloring does not make you popular in some photography circles but I DON'T CARE! I so much love how cute this photo is. It wasn't my favorite when I started (It's grainy so I totally ran with the grainy theme and made it more grainy lol), now I love how those eyes just pop.

Thanks for being such a good boy Kade. You can come live with me any time you want. Well, as long s you are smiley and sweet, then it's back to mom. :p


Tina said...

Great shots- what a cutie! How do you get the colors to pop in the eyes. I have tried a couple different actions but don't have that much luck with them.Care to share your secret? ☺

Lana said...

HI Tina!
Thanks for the compliment!!

I don't use any actions, mainly because I'm cheap and ghetto. LOL. Plus I don't use photoshop *oops*.

But what I do for eyes, is to sharpen them if needed, then I will dodge them really lightly, and if I need to (like on the selective coloring one) I will saturate them also.

Dodging really brings out the catchlight if you have one, but if you don't, and the eyes are dark, dodging probably won't help.

I have been known to cheat a catchlight too. heh.

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