Friday, September 18, 2009

*singing* good morning, good MORNING, it's GREAT to be alive!*

I spotted one of these elusive creatures today. Have you seen one? They are amazing. Sometimes they are known as a s.u.n.r.i.s.e.

Good Morning Missouri!

Pretty full of awesomeness eh?

Yes, I admit it with pride, I'm a night owl. I've seen a thousand beautiful sunsets and 4 amazing sunrises. OK, maybe 6 sunrises.

My philosophy on sleeping is this, if I can't sleep, I'm not gonna just lay there staring out into the darkness. I get up and do something like read a magazine, surf the net, or edit pictures... or all of the above.

My ex and I had an ongoing argument about this issue. He thought I should go to bed when he did until I fell asleep (rarely worked). But instead I did the above. I sometimes got the impression he thought I was lazy as I would get up at around 9 a.m. yet he'd be up at 6 a.m. However, I would go to bed around 2 a.m., and him around 9 p.m., so doing the math here, I was getting about 7 hours sleep and him 9 hours.

Math wasn't really his strong suit.

When I lived in town, there would be those mornings I would shuffle myself to the bathroom for my 7 a.m. potty break, only to be greeted with that noise.

What the hell is that noise?


It's the marching band. Practicing half way across town. Man I feel sorry for those kids having to get up so early. Damn I feel sorry for those parents that have to take them.


I'm going back to bed.

Neener neener

*KARMA kicks me in the arse!*

So now I have a freshman.
Who can't drive.
Who's marching in the band.

Damn you karma!!

So far I've been lucky... you see I broke my foot. Damn lucky foot.
Gene has been taking him in the mornings so that I could rest and prepare for long wedding weekends. But today, I guess Gene didn't feel like trudging to town ... again. I could no longer deny that it's *my turn*.

So I ended up seeing that fiery ball of gas (no I'm not talking about the man in my life) rise and greet me. (stupid sun). I also got to see a ton of fog, a couple critters and lots of traffic. What the heck is everyone doing up so early? Oh.. work?

Yeah whatever.

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LiaL said...

I live on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and am totally a morning person! The scene you captured this morning is one that I see each and every morning, right outside my bedroom window. (And I do mean EVERY morning - even the early, early sunrises in summer!) When evening arrives, I love to watch the sunset out my living room window. I couldn't be happier!!

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