Monday, September 14, 2009

Why do I always feel like I'm saying "catch up post?"

Unfortunately, another catch up post. It's that time of year that I get more and more busy and have less and less free time for the things I truly love to do.

The saddest part is, I had some grandiose plans this weekend to catch up with some posting. This past weekend was spent in Kansas City as I had a seminar to attend (photography) and Gene's class reunion was this weekend too. (more on that later).

I had loaded some pictures onto my laptop and planned out several posts I've been wanting to make. I had predetermined that most of you would have no idea I was even gone! We were there for 3.5 days, and the only time I could find access was in the hotel the first day! (where the seminar was located). Olathe might as well be Fort Knox. Everyplace was on lock down, even restaurants. SHEESH PPL!

Anyway, so this is my best excuse for the past 4 days.

Thursday I went to a seminar by David Ziser. It was really informative, but really fast. A bit of a commercial too, ok, a lot of a commercial. I bought some stuff I really hadn't planned on. Ooops. I'm planning on selling off the bits I don't want and breaking even on the deal. LOL.

Friday we spent some time hitting a few antique stores. I can't "go" quite as fast as before so we only went to a couple. Friday night was spent at a local Bar where some of Gene's classmates got together for a pre-reunion reunion. It was loud. Did I mention I'm not a fan of bars? They're always loud.

Saturday, a bit more antiquing. We found lots of cool goodies, which I'm hoping to share with you later, and then that night we went to Gene's official class reunion. It was pretty fun considering I knew absolutely no one, but "knew" so many from all the stories that I'd heard over the years. At first, Gene was kind of reluctant, but then after a while he became his usual social butterfly self, and ditched me a WHOLE LOT. (I have a strict no ditching policy. Instead I used my "free time" to get some good stories on Gene. lol).

Sunday we got up, packed the car and Gene was so sweet and took me to the best place on earth.... Waffle house! Man I love that place. LOL. Maryville needs a waffle house.

We got home around noon-ish, no antiquing on the way home, mainly cuz I was worried about the cats. Worried about the house (which I always do) and wanting to get some other work done.

We worked on the island and only had one good argument about it. Heck I don't know, if you spend that much time, and that much money, I'm gonna guess a scratched tile really isn't worth staring at every day for the next 15 years no? NOTE: You can't cut black tiles upside down. They scratch. *sigh*

Sooo.. the island is not done, however, we did sieze the opportunity to cut all of the back splash pieces and stain the trim and cut to size. Damn we're good as there were some really difficult cuts.

I'll share an update on all these things later too. Yeah Lana.. later later. I promise!

That's basically the quick and nasty update, so I can feel like I'm moving on with my life now! lol.

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