Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I can also sell ice cubes to eskimos!


I have come to the conclusion that doggone it, I can sell anything.

Last fall, we had a foundation put on the house. Trust me it needed it badly. In the process of doing that, we had to move the deck away from the front of the house, so the contractors could get access to the house.

We cut the legs, and pulled it out about 10 feet (our neighbor helped with his bobcat) and intended to move it to the back of the house and add it to the small deck.

However, a year has passed, and I realized that I really couldn't make it work the way I wanted and it seemed like a lot of work for one little volunteer bobcat to do.

I contemplated a match for a while.
No really.

I also contemplated tearing it apart and using the wood for another project.
Gene nixed that.

Then one day, I suggested to Gene that we sell the deck on a local classified. It's in good condition, just needed a bit of TLC, some new steps and a power wash. Plus the price was right! *fairly cheap, 1/6th the cost of a new deck that size*

I'll be darned if we didn't have SEVERAL calls on it and we sold it!! I actually sold, a 10 year old deck, that's going to get moved on a trailer about 20 miles from here.

I say it's recycling at it's absolute FINEST. Go us. *pat self on back*

The guy that bought it, is a still working, elderly guy, so it's continued to sit in my front yard. I'm starting to get anxious, because it has to go before we can start the new deck on the front (which we will not finish this year obviously now). I told Gene I just wanted 10" done so I can get in my front door! We've been using the back door exclusively for a YEAR.
No lie.

So finally his helper came around the other day and I kinda laid down the law. It has to move, because first, the rain is coming and they're not tearing up my front yard, and also, I need to build my new front porch (which eventually will be the full length of the front of my house.

Minutes before the rains come. Literally minutes... 2 trucks show up, back up into my yard, hook it up and start pulling. This is something you don't see every day.

About 3 minutes later the deck was wet from rain.

Nothing like cutting it so close.

So anyway, since that was such a huge success I have for sale the following items:

  1. A bridge
  2. The Eiffel Tower
  3. A large jar full of air
  4. A box of walmart sacks

Best offer!

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