Friday, September 18, 2009



I saw this scene this morning, and thought, "thread the needle" (one trail right through another) and decided to grab my camera.

Now if you've read this blog for more than 3 days, you'll know that I am for some reason obsessed with planes. If I were a Jack Russell terrier, I'd be out in my yard barking at the sky like *all. the. time.*

It started when we moved out here in Small Sky Country (like big sky country only smaller. duh). When the sky is so large, you notice things.

Since I was outside, with a camera, I happened to notice how pretty the light was and I got distracted by some flowers (weeds) and spent some of my morning photographing dewey leaves and flowers.

A few minutes later I hear another plane.


Going the same direction as the first 2. The same path.

{Tangent: Reviewing these photos is where I realized that I had a monsterous chunk of something on my camera sensor. Look outtttttttt the alien is going to eat you!! FTR, it's now clean.}

Three minutes later..
I hear another plane (upper right).

Same path, same direction. All flying so low I can see the color of their tail. Very interesting.


In the end, I noticed all the trails, leading the same way. I'm dying to know where they are going, as KCI is straight south of me, and there's nothing west that would require the low flight, which is where they are all headed.

I have to get to the bottom of this, and I'm just the crazy broad to do it. It might involve me flying somewhere east tho, then coming home and having a conversation with the pilot.

I'm hoping I don't get arrested.


This is what they see when they fly over. See that dot, next to the line? That's me!
Hi planes!! I'm waving at you!


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Hundewanderer said...

*barkbarkbarkbark* = hilarious! my boyfriend is a helicopter pilot and i am always looking up to the heavens to see what's flying up there!

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