Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recipe: Easy stuffed mushrooms

I have a confession.

I've been making these mushrooms for 20 years!! You can thank one man for today's recipe. Richard Simmons. Yep, that guy. Years ago, I did the deal a meal program, and it had a cookbook with it. FYI: DAM (lol) works really well and kinda kicks your butt. No "eat anything you want just count the points" crap. If it's the end of the day and all you have left is green veggies, guess what? you're gonna have green veggies. LOL.

Anyway, these mushrooms (or a variation of) was in the cookbook, and I've made them ever since. I mentioned this recipe in passing, and one of my lovely readers msged me to request it.

Aww. I feel so ... USED! lol


You'll need whole mushrooms, get them as fresh as possible
Garlic Powder
Butter (I use the light stuff, I cook with it all the time)
Parmesan cheese Yep, I have the shake stuff. I suppose you could use the real thing, and I have the real thing, I have always just used this so I stick with it.


Clean your mushrooms.
Now I know technically, you're supposed to just brush off the "loose brown stuff" with a brush and not wash them, but I'm sorry, I can't stop with the "They're grown in poop!" mentality. So I rinse them in cold water.

Pull out all the stems carefully, try not to break the tops. Set the tops on a plate for later.


Chop all the stems into smallish pieces. I actually chopped them to about 1/2 this size. you could also use a handy chopper machine thingy (which I have but hate to wash), but I wouldn't use a food processor, it'll make the pieces too small.


Add a tablespoon of your butter and approximately 1/2 tsp of garlic powder. I say approximately because I like garlic so you might put in more or less to taste.


About a tsp of parmesan cheese.


Then nuke for 45 seconds. Yep, we use the microwave around here for more than just warming up coffee and popcorn. (someday I'll teach you how to make actual meatloaf in the microwave lol).


Take a spoonful of the mixture and press it into the openings of the tops. If you don't nuke them a long time, they might be heaped (it's ok if you don't nuke the stuffing long enough). If there's melted butter in the bottom of the bowl, I even pour that over the tops. Then, sprinkle more cheese on top.

Nuke uncovered for approximately 2 minutes, or until they start to get soft.


You must serve them immediately. No cooking ahead on these guys.

They are very yummy, quick and if you're dieting, a filling food with very little calories (or points). I believe they are 1 point for almost a whole 8 ounce pkg.

BTW, I did well on D.A.M. (sorry that's just funny). I lost 41 pounds, then I had Tanner and I found it all again.

D.A.M. kid.

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