Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ain't he purdy?

Warning: Potentially icky photo ahead.
I warned you.

Update on gimpy the glass man!


(he was mad I took my camera to the ER)

Remember last week me telling you about Gene falling off of a semi? Well, Saturday morning, we woke up, and he was complaining that he was in pain, I asked him if he wanted to go to the ER, and he said yes! So you know it had to hurt if a man was actually WILLING to go to the dr. No lie.

They did x-rays on his wrist and elbow, it is not broken! Yay!

So they cleaned up his elbow (icky photo below) as he'd really ripped a chunk of skin off his elbow when he fell, and then put the wrist guard back on him and went out the door. It was much more "enjoyable" (by me at least) than the last trip to the ER 7 weeks ago!! We even got the same nurse. I think she got just a little too much enjoyment out of giving Gene 2 shots in the rear.

Saturday we had a wedding and I told him he didn't have to shoot, I'd be ok on my own, and he insisted. I let him because he rotates the camera the exact opposite of me, and so the weight was in his left hand, not his right hand.

By the end of the night, he said it actually felt *better*. Not what we expected. That night we stayed at his mom and dad's and when he was rubbing it, it popped so loud his mom heard it across the room. It's feeling better, which makes me think that he potenially popped it out of place when he fell.

Monday, he went back to work, and actually installed glass. He was actually the only glass guy there as everyone else was sick.



A scuffed up elbow!

I told you it was icky.

In the end, he's gonna be ok. Thank goodness. I really think he kinda wanted to lay in bed for 8 weeks while it repaired itself. Watch him fall on it again on purpose. lol.

However, I'm glad that did not happen as I'd be up on murder charges in about 3 weeks!

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Dandy said...

Gotta love a woman who takes a camera into the ER!

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