Thursday, September 24, 2009

How a woman's mind works, vs, how a man's mind works.

Task: Take a shower.

Man: "Ok, I'm gonna take a shower." He takes a shower and is back 7 minutes later.

Woman: "OK, I'm gonna take a shower."
  1. Stand up and get read to walk to the shower.
  2. Notice the trash can is full.
  3. Think to self that today is Thursday and that the trash should be on the curb.
  4. Cuss because husband forgot to take out the trash.
  5. Must take out trash because the trash man will come while she's in the shower.
  6. Realize that the cat boxes must be changed and go out in the trash too.
  7. Move recyclables off top of litter box.
  8. Bag up some recyclables while thinking about it.
  9. Empty cat boxes.
  10. Remember that the cat litter was never brought in out of the trunk of the car despite the fact that it's 40 pounds and you shouldn't be carrying forty pounds of cat litter with a still painful foot!!
  11. Go to car to get cat litter. Decide to take some recyclables to the car with you.
  12. Notice that the old sink is still on the deck and probably should finally make it to the trash.
  13. Take the old sink to the curb.
  14. Tote 40 pounds of cat litter in the house, one baby step at a time.
  15. Refill cat boxes and return to their locations.
  16. Take cat litter to the trash.
  17. Notice that there's some construction waste that needs to go to.
  18. Make 2 trips to the curb because it's all too heavy to carry at once with a still painful foot!!
  19. Come back in, take more recyclables to the car.
  20. Come back in, notice there's more cans that need to be recycled and say SCREW IT.
  21. Go take a shower.
  22. Note that the shower is really getting icky.
  23. Grab an extra wash cloth and jump in.
  24. Scrub shower while taking a shower. (2 birds, please meet one stone).
  25. Wash, shave, scrub hair, feet, elbows, armpits.
  26. Rinse self AND the shower.
  27. Get out and realize that the wash cloth that you used is icky, probably needs to dry out on edge of laundry basket.
  28. Remember that eldest son is now living with his buddies and probably doesn't have a laundry basket.
  29. Take the extra laundry basket and fill it with goods from around the house that 19 year old boys SHOULD use but probably won't. Like towels, plates and deodorant.
  30. Remember that was in the middle of a facebook conversation.
  31. Answer the response from an HOUR AGO.
  32. Get dressed.

True story folks.

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