Friday, September 25, 2009

Tree update!


It's been a while, since I updated you on the status of my 3 royal empress trees. I started out with 2 trees, one tree was left out when it was too cold and it died, so I received a replacement tree and then on earth day, I got a tiny free one when I purchased a maple tree.

All of the trees went into pots for a while as I was worried about having them in the yard and they'd get mowed over.

Two trees went into the yard in mid July, the third didn't make it in until early september!! (oops).

You can DEFINITELY see the difference.


One of the first 2 trees is around 18" tall, which is not bad, about double what it was when I put it in the ground.

The second one is 45" tall! The above photos were taken on August 31 and it was 24". So, in a little over 3 weeks, it's grown 21 inches! Almost one inch *a day* I'm very impressed.

They do however, look a lot like a sunflower with no sunflower. They are supposed to bloom out and get wide quickly so we'll see in the spring! (they have been known to grow up to 20 feet in one year).

The third tree is only about 9" tall, and it was a huge mistake leaving it in the pot so long. It also did not get a fertilzer spike, as I was nervous doing that so late in the season.

So, my advice? Plant sooner than you think (I should have went early June) and fertilize well.

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