Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm a bad bad blogger

yes, I know. I've been a bad blogger, and a horrible internet friend. But damn. It was nice taking a few days off without blogging. Apparently I needed a break.

I did feel terribly guilty when I sat down this TUESDAY (woot) to read my blogs and saw that many were blogging all weekend. Oops. I slack. *hang head in shame*

Let's do some updating shall we?

Friday, our weekend started early by being oh so lucky and getting to go to the dermatologist in KC.

I shouldn't complain, Gene's allergy is getting better. Wanna know how? He's been tanning. Yep, the dermatolgist did something he rarely does, and ordered tanning session 3 times a week. Gene is getting a nice deep tan. (we hate him). Somehow this builds up a barrier to the chemicals he's allergic too. His body is better, his hands were worse, so they gave him 2 steriod shots that's supposed to clear everything up and then hopefully he can get ahead of it. We'd love that considering he's been itching for over 2 years now.

We got home around 7 ish, and I sat down for 1/2 hour, than got back up ahd head out the door to Tanner's very first Marching band event ever. Spoofhounds vs. Lafayette. Hounds won!



He did a really good job. Great form there Tan! I stayed and watched the rest of the game, and listened to Tanner. I had to stand the whole time because seating wasn't the best, and also, I was scared to walk down the steps with my boot on. No hand rails, I feel like I'm gonna fall. (I have stair issues.)

Hounds won! I found myself really watching the game and paying attention to what was going on. Which I haven't done with football for a long time. Maybe I'll start going at the very beginning and not just half time heh.

Anyway, Gene used to be in the band too, also a trumpet player. Well, cept for the year he waited to sign up and ended up playing the tuba. hah. I always give him a hard time for that. Dude.. there are no tuba solos. He's promised to go to some of the games with me. *it's important* (my dad never went to my stuff so this is a sore spot with me.)

I had a wedding. Michelle and Joe got married. I'll share pics soon of the wedding. I did well, I shot it all in the walking boot. woot. I was so tired by the end tho. I know I was moving a little slow at moments, but I don't feel like I missed anything.

My class had a 21 year reunion that night and I kinda half planned on going, but I was dead on my feet at 9 p.m. so it was a no go.

Yes, 21 years. I know. We were a close class and they have decided to make this an *annual* event. Probably easy considering so many of us are still close to home.

We wised up to mom's scheme. Last Sunday we got stuck up there all day working on that damn floor. So this Sunday we got some things done here FIRST *then* we went up to mom's.

Gene broke the wet saw. Crap. So we couldn't cut 2 tiles we needed to. Mom said forget it and we worked around it. We were short on mastic, so she'll lay the last couple tiles herself. It will look nice when it's done! Putting down tile when you can bend your ankle is quite the experience.

Went to St. Joe to get a new tile saw, had lunch at Panda express, bought some india ink to dye some wood trim (I want it black, you can't buy stain that's black enough), ran the scooter at lowes into a stack of cemen board... Gene was entertained. lol, Lost and found my cell phone, came home and worked on the island.

We have the island ready for tile, then we have to do trim. I am ready to order the tin for the backsplash, then we'll cut the backsplash and install. We're almost done!
Cept the ceiling
Oh and the lighting
Oh and the crown molding around the cabinet tops.
and the undercounter lighting

Yeah that.

And now, I'm sitting here trying to play catch up. It's going to be a long week!!

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