Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Warning: Worst picture of me ever. You were warned.

Yesterday, I had to pick my hubs up early from work for a doctors appt in Kansas City. This is something he has to do every couple months, and I HAVE to go because I have to pick him up from work.

It's ok, we actually like each other enough that we want to spend time together.

Weird isn't it?

When I was in St. Louis, I found out that Gene had gone to KC (well I knew he was going) but I found out that he took the top off the jeep for the first time. I was annoyed because I wanted to ride with the top down.

Then I remembered that I don't like my hair flying around when I just roll down the window and got over it.

Well, anyway, so when I went to pick him up yesterday, he suggested that we take the top off.

I made an important check - Yes, I DO have a hairband.
I'm in.


He really is happier than he looks.

(look at him, not me)


I have a huge egg head.
And you can see straight up my nose and tell what color my brain is.

But the reflection off my glasses is cool so I'll show you anway. Plus my husband is happy and smiling.

I have not had a car that had a moon roof or convertible or ANYTHING like that since high school. (not factoring in the ex's jeep) It was a '77 Cougar with a moon roof and was the coolest ever! Plus it was like 900 feet long and really could haul ass.

Anyway, it was fun seeing the world from this new perspective that I had not seen in quite a while.



Here's a sunset shot.
If you didn't know better you'd think we were sitting in a boat off the coast of some tropical island watching the sunset.

In reality, we're on 229 on the south side of St. Joseph, MO.

You have to be from St. Joseph, Mo to really get a big chuckle out of that.

Alas, it was cold, we reminded ourselves that it was still April and put the top back on.

Random flowering tree

Completely unrelated:
Doctors offices usually have some nice landscaping.

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Tracy said...

That sunset is beautiful.

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