Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tastes like chicken


I have this secret desire. It's no giant mystery that I suck at gardening, and I don't consider myself much of a farmer. BAH! I do however, love critters. All kinds, even the stinky or scaley ones.

OK, I'm not fond of Voles, even tho I love Tanner's mice. I am obviously not fond of racoons, but still think they are cute, behind bars, or stuffed in a DNR type display. Other than that, I'm an animal lover.

Anyway, I've kinda been wanting some chickens. Oh, and a duck, but Gene won't let me have a duck... he's mean like that. So I'm hell bent on having some chickens. Tanner and I have been talking about it for a couple years now and in that process, Tanner started to get excited about it too. He's turned into my research man, and he's been looking at coops, and chickens, trying to determine what we "need". He even used some Google CAD program to design his dream chicken coop.

How many people can say that "dream chicken coop"?


Traditionally, the first few weeks in March are an exciting time if you happen to like chicks, and ducks.... and even bunnies. This is the time of the year when our local farm and home supply store has "Chick Days".

Each year we go at least once and I have to pick up the chicks from the big water tank filled not with water, but lots of baby chicks, chicken feed... and chicken poop.

My favorite part tho, is the ducks. I like to chase them into a corner grab one or twelve and love on them.

But I can't have a duck. Gene's mean like that and won't let me have one.

He sucks.


Tanner and I kinda put our foot down. We said "We're going to chick days, and we're bringing home chickens!" Gene said "You are not!" and I said "Am too!"

And then I said "AM SO!" as I ran out the door. Knowing full well I wasn't, but I sure wanted him to worry for a couple hours while we were gone.
Cuz I'm mean like that.

Seeing the chicks only solidified that we want chickens.


I even bought a chicken book.

I said I was serious!

So I've been learning about chicken hatching, feeding, building a coop, how to pick the right type of chickens, protecting them from predators...

But mainly I keep looking at how pretty they are:


Quite possibly the most beautiful chicken in the world.


"I say, I say, I say ... wellll."
(that was me doing foghorn leghorn)


OMG, I want to kiss them all. But that'd probably be bad. I bet people lose an eye like that.

Then last night, we had an epiphanie. A chicken cam! Tanner said the set up would be difficult, and then I suggested a wireless cam. Within minutes he was doing research on cams to buy, and I was doing research on chicken cams.

I'm fairly confident it will be a comedy of errors - on film - for the world to see

But that's ok, there'll be chicken love all around.
And eggs.

And thighs and drumsticks if I can bear to let Gene kill a chicken while I'm out of the state.

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