Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to Mooooosouri!

{This is how we do "Roads" in MO. Why go through it, when you can go around it?}

Remember back in January, when I said I was going to get out and "do stuff" a little more, go out and explore and photograph my experience.

That's been kind of hard with feet of snow on the ground.

However the other day, it was nice, and I wanted to explore. I ended up going some backroads near where I live, that I had never been on before.

In the process, I decided to take some cow pics. I have some sort of fascination with cows, and I think they are fascinated with me too. Or annoyed.

I can't tell for sure.




{Baby Calves everywhere!}




The last couple photos were actually taken in December, although after today and another foot of snow, I could have just told you I took them this morning, you know, the first day of spring!



I've been thinking I'd love to do a project called "The Lives of Cows" and follow a herd of cows from calving to delivery in the fall to slaughter (no I wouldn't photograph that!)

Now if I could just find a farmer that would let me play along without thinking I'm crazy.

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