Thursday, March 25, 2010

If I ask you something, will you be honest with me?

am I turning into a foodie?

Reading Pioneer Woman, and getting bored has started me doing some odd things:


Carmelizing onions on a semi regular basis. Neither of us like raw onions.


Buying unusual ingredients I've never had before, just because they look good.

Note: Isn't the word "prosciutto" a cool word to say.... pruh-shoot-Oh. Practice, then say it with an italian accent. Makes you sound all snooty pooty doesn't it?


Determining that shredded cheese should never come in a bag. It should be grated by hand. Yep, there's a huge difference.

And while I'm on cheese, spending 15 min in the cheese section looking at all the exotic cheese, then deciding that $16/pound is a "good deal".


Making things from scratch, that I can buy in a bag for 75 cents. (this is homemade pizza crust)


Thinking that slathering with olive oil, and immense quantities of cheese is a "good thing".


Photographing everything cool you eat.

So the question is, does this make me a foodie?
I'm not sure if being a foodie is a good or bad thing.

I'm not even going to ask if this pizza makes my butt look big.


Abbey said...

It doesn't make you a foodie so much, as a true Pioneer Woman fan. It is an epidemic that spreads REALLY quickly. I bought a block of Parmegiano Reggiano just because Ree said I needed "the good stuff" for her meatballs. And she was right!

Lana said...

Hey Abbey,
sometime us four will have to go down to the Osceola cheese outlet in Odessa. You'll be in heaven! LOL. I bet I have $100 in *cheese* in my fridge. That's just WRONG. hah.

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