Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life by Bullet Points

  • Our lives by bullet points today.

    First off, why do people have to be such a stick in the mud sometimes? Let's all hitch up our panties, and deal with the world.... fake a smile sometimes. Thank you, I feel better now. LOL

  • Tanner had Thursday and Friday off of school because the girls basketball team went to state. After one "I'm bored", I sent him out to clear out the trash pile and he did so happily.

    Yes, I said "happily". You see, we have a spot in our yard, where a garage used to be (insert heavy sigh) but was lost to a fire years before we bought this place. Since we moved here, we've thrown some construction waste there, which started getting mixed (shingles, plumbing and wood). We decided this is where we want to put the chicken coop, so it needs cleaned off.

    Tanner is excited about the chickens, so he "happily" spent most of his day sorting out the cement pad. Wood will be burnt in a huge bon fire (bring your marshmallows!) and the rest will go to the dump. I never realized how much wood was there!

    Yes, this is my son using an old bathtub for a "wagon". Can you hear the banjo music? LOL

    This is the after... it was much worse, can you imagine. I HATE this thing. I can't wait for it all to be gone!

    Yee Haw. (more banjo music)

  • So that was Thursday and all was well. Short sleeves and no jackets. Life was good! Just ask Jingles:

Happy as a clam. On a beach. Which actually doesn't sound like a clam would be happy on a beach. So happy as a sea lion, on a beach.

Then this happened the NEXT DAY:


Missouri, I am SO OVER YOU. Like, for reals.
I want to break up.

That sucked so badly! Just as things were starting to dry up, bam. However, I do think that the road crew guys were smarter than I thought. They did nothing at all (we had huge drifts, as usual) and in 2 days, they were pretty much gone. Not a dime to the county.

  • Sunday was spent inside, baking these cookies:

    Which they were pretty good considering I don't really like chocolate chip cookies. I really don't even like chocolate that much. (Please ladies, don't revoke my girl card!!!)

    Gene requested some with no chocolate chips, and just pecans. (puh-cons. Not Pee-cans). I thought he was a nut job and did plenty of eyerolling to back that up. In the end, I liked them better than the chocolate chip ones (see: chocolate reference)



  • Saturday we went shopping. Made the antique loop and found something not antique, yet cool anyway. I have been needing a new coffee table for quite some time. We found a coffee table that looks like a boat, with a glass top. Got a sweet deal on it. Now I just have to find a place for the old one. (Sister: please CALL ME BACK before I donate it)

  • Chickens are still on the horizon. I don't think Gene is all that excited about the prospect. Tanner and I *do not care*. We also don't require his help (but wouldn't turn it down duh). He finally accepted his future, and went to look at chicks at chick days Saturday.

    He'll change his tune once he gets tons of free eggs and the opportunity to have fresh chicken for dinner. Trust me on this one.

  • Sorry I'm so unbearably boring. If I robbed a bank or picked up dancing for a living, I'd be more exciting, no?


Kelly L said...

My daughter was home from school one day last week and within 1 hour she was bored.. tried to get some work done..lol
I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in weather where the sun is shining one day and the snow is falling the next... We don't have that is So. Cal.

Love to you

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is Puh' con, not PEE-can...that's for a too long car trip, not for eatin'. ;-)

We got the spring snow here in N Tx too. Gotta love living in the South. I don't think I could handle a northern winter tho...

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