Sunday, February 14, 2010

Coming to you from high over NWMO - this is your eye in the sky!

This is Lana, your eye in the sky over Northwest Missouri. I'm bringing you this blustery winter traffic report!

Report #1:


I was in my bedroom, when I heard the strangest sound, like someone driving through my yard hauling a wagon. Imagine my surprise when I saw someone almost driving through my yard hauling a wagon. I'm guessing some sort of pesticide or something equally important yet uninteresting.

However, weird.
and photo worthy.

Report #2:


I find it funny that you can have one of the smallest cars in the world, but have an a-hole ego big enough that you STILL have to take up 2 parking spots.

It pretty much took all I had not to key his "car".

Jack hole.

Report #3:
{warning - blurry crappy photos ahead}


Now that we have an automatic instead of just a manual transmission (and a cool car to boot) Tanner is hot to drive whenever possible. Sometimes I cave and say yes.



In return he gets his photo taken, and plastered on the interwebs.

Hi Tanner!
Hi Interwebs!


Now keep your eye on the road and don't crash!

Speaking of crashing.

And there's some irony here as I already had this post worked out in my head with #1, 2, 3 before #4 came along minutes later.

This afternoon, Gene and I were on our way to St. Joseph and Kansas City for the second time in 2 days (I'll explain about that later), I got to thinking about missing a phone call from Mom the day before. I didn't have my phone so I was basically on a mission to remember mom's phone # by heart, which for the record, completely escaped me.

There are people all over southwest Iowa right now, with missed calls and saying "who da hell was dat?"

Anyway, I finally got through, left her a msg to call me, and a few minutes later she calls back. Crying.

She'd *just* had an accident, rolled her pick up (which was my dads) and totalled it. She was strapped into her seatbelt, so she was hanging in the air when she finally got it unhooked, then fell across the cab onto her side.

She's ok, her hip hurts, but we're going to the Dr. tomorrow to see how it is. She's spending the night at my house "just in case". She was upset she wrecked "dad's truck". Dad doesn't need it anymore, and I'm sure he'd rather she be alive, than the truck be ok.

That's why God made insurance!!

And I want the record to reflect, that I have started wearing my stupid stupid seatbelt. Grr. LOL.

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Kelly L said...

It looks cold in your part of the world... today it was in the mid 70's - just

Loved the pictures - glad your mom is okay - yes, insurance is good.


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