Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Holga love

I decided to get out the holga 135 bc again the other day to play. Actually, it took over a week to find enough things I felt worthy of photographing, and honestly, I need something besides snow drifts to hold my interest at this point!!

It's kinda like shooting with your eyes shut. Or something like that. You can't really see for sure what you are shooting, because you're not looking through the lens (hence the term single lens reflex - SLR).

Plus on top of that, I kept taking all kinds of purse pictures. You know, those photos that your camera takes for you as it bumps around in the bottom of your purse!!

I took my film into Walmart, left it for them to make me a CD ($4.00). When I go to pick it up, Sally (the lady that I see EVERY TIME) says "Oh you're not gonna want these."

I look at the index print.

Yeah there's some real duds in there.

But I could see a few good ones... Well let me rephrase that. I could see a few "good useable" ones. They are not good by most camera standards today, but that makes it artsy!

So I bought them anyway.
But it was nice of her to offer.
Thanks Sally!


I shot these through my front and bedroom windows. It was snowing, and there was lots of drips on my windows that I shot through.


This is one of my favorites. No editing at all, no saturation. LOVE the blues. I'm wondering if it was because it was film, or the camera..... or maybe just the time of the day.


Love the hairs on the negative. LOL. Thanks Walmart for getting all artsy on me.


Sadly, this was over a week ago, and my road looks like this AGAIN.


Left: I LOVE how the drift draws your eye right up to the farm.
Right: Well hello stranger.


I don't even remember taking this one! The detail of the snow is very cool. I love it!

Anyone cave and get a holga yet? Please share your links if you have!

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Mary said...

Those are great!

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