Monday, January 25, 2010

Go Holga.. Go Holga!

Holy Cow!
What a ride!

This past week was really busy. Hence, less posting. All of it was to get ready for yesterday. 3 hours. Isn't that crazy!?

Yesterday there was the bridal fair in St. Joseph, and it was much better than I expected. The place was absolutely packed the entire time. I talked for 3 solid hours and I have a sore throat today.

I met so many beautiful brides, and 2 handsome grooms. LOL. Everyone was so incredibly nice. So many compliments. One bride is coordinating her wedding day around MY AVAILABILITY! I'm getting a big head here ppl. That is one of the most flattering things anyone has said to me.

To top off such a nice day, we ate BBQ. I'm sticking with the diet, and it's paying off. I'm currently at 8.5 pounds lost. Woot. Next goal is 10. Hoping i make it by next week. I've not missed one day of journaling my food (counting ww points) and today marks the beginning of my 4th week, and from what I've heard over the years, if you can do a new thing every day for 30 days, you've created a new habit. Just trying to make that 30 day mark! No looking at the big picture here. Only keeping my eye on the next 5 pound goal. That's it.

So to celebrate my awesome good mood, I bought myself this:


It's a Holga 135BC camera, and it fell right below the "$50 rule" so I didn't have to inform ANYONE I was getting it. LOL. But I'm excited so of course I'll tell Gene anyway. These cool little plastic cameras take some mildly craptacular photos that make them feel artsy and fun.

I wanted the pink one, but I thought the black one would be easier to sneak into a wedding. heh.

How would you feel if your wedding photographer pulled out a pink plastic camera? Ok then.

Not much time for lounging around and resting. I have errands to run, a gallery promised for someone, some prints to make. I thought Sunday/Monday was supposed to be my days off!

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