Friday, January 22, 2010

Yes, I know it's completely politically incorrect...

This past weekend, Gene and I hit an antique show in St. Joseph. We really didn't see a lot that tripped the light fantastic for us. Well, actually we did, however, there were a lot of dealers that were very proud of their offerings, and had pricing to match.

Having said that, I found a couple guys I could not resist.


Pale Face and Injun Joe.

Yes. I know. It's so inappropriate.
And dated.

Kinda like me.


They even used Pale, for Pale face, and Red for Injun Joe. Injun Joe looks so pissed off, but face it, Pale Face probably had it coming.


"Ohhhh.. He got me!"

They harken back to an era (1950's Marx toys) where kids were allowed buy candy cigarettes and allowed to dress like "indians" and carry toy pistols to school at halloween.

You can't do that anymore! It's not "appropriate" HELLO!? Nowadays we dress our kids as sexy devils. Duh. You are so lame sometimes. sheesh.

So anyway,

PC aside, I picked up these guys, and made a point of buying the two where the Native american guy is getting one up on the white dude. Cuz he had it coming. I mean really, look at him.

I displayed them with my wagon I bought a year ago. I love the details of the figures. Why don't they make toys like that anymore? No, I don't mean toys that represent gang fights or Bratz Hookers. I mean, toys that have such cool minute details. If you buy a bag of army men, you can kind of make out a head, and I think those are arms. These dudes, they have fingernails.

I think I was supposed to be born in 1947.

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