Thursday, January 7, 2010

Local Kawaski plant shut down after roof caves from accumulated snow!

"Employees at the Kawasaki Motors manufacturing plant in Maryville were sent home early Thursday afternoon after temporary repairs to a large section of the factory's roof failed under the weight of recent heavy snowfall.

The plant will remain shut down through the weekend but should resume operations on Monday morning, according to Steve Bratt, plant manager and vice president of Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. USA."


Not a big shocker when you look out your back door and see this:


I used to have a Dodge Neon. I lost it in a huge sea of global warming. This was about 3 hours ago... it's still blowing. This is the worst it's been yet! Sadly, it's starting to feel normal. Is this what northern canada feels like? oh, no, it's not. I have a good friend up there, she said they have an inch of snow.


Gene had to spend the day here today, and probably will tomorrow too. We hunkered down and I made stew for supper... which sadly, was not enough for the TWO trucks that got stuck in front of my house at the *same time*.

Both finally got out. A lot of digging, a lot of pulling, and me watching warmly from my front room with a big bowl of stew. Not that I could help. My jeep is in the BACK YARD. Gene tried to make it around the house. No go... the drifts are too deep so we just left it there.

Safety first kids!

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