Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project 365 - THE END!

I did it!
I really really did it!


I finished this monumental project. I will admit, that when I started it, I really wasn't sure it was something I was going to be able to complete, but the further along I got, the more determined I wasn't going to just give up, because the rest of the book would be such a waste! Yep, I sure got slower closer to the end, which made more/longer work for me, but I completed it nonetheless.

I did miss a few days, but I did the math, and because I many days that I did several photos, I actually end up with more than 365 days!

I decided to add a cover page, and an ending page:



Sorry for such a HORRIBLE color. No it is not neon salmon pink. It was just late and I didn't want to wait til daylight to take the photo. lol

The cardstock is from ME! Old stock from my old company. The patterned paper is K & Co (I think), black stripe and flower are Heidi Swapp, the 365 is random chipboard letters and the pen is EK Success. I used my cricut expression to cut the diecut paper.

I stored all the photos in an American Crafts Album (LOVE THOSE) with ultra pro 6-up page protectors.


The album is very thick, and VERY heavy.


Estimated cost for this project:

$111.36 for prints (.29 per print x 384 prints - cost estimate by HP for home printing including ink and paper)
$8.00 - page protectors (half price sales)
$10.00 - Album (STEAL) (Half price sales)
$5.00 - estimated other scrapbook supplies

$134.36 - Total

Personally, I think this is a good deal. You would pay $135 for a book that spans every day of your family's life right? Yeah I thought so. I estimate that I probably put in 60 hours on this project over a year, maybe a little more or a little less. Including the time to take and edit the photos.

Would I do it again?

Am I going to do it again this year?
*hell to the no*

I am going to take a bit off, and then start thinking about other potential projects down the road.


lindafrancis said...

Well first I must say Congratulations and good job! I'm impressed. I started this project and fell off the wagon in May when my dad got really sick. It is a HUGE project and hate that I didn't complete it. I do have a questions tho.... your pics are awesome - are they digital? Because I am NOT a digital scrapper or digital much of anything. But I love the idea of the journaling on the photo.

Lana said...

Hi Linda!
Thank you for the compliments! I'm glad it's DONE, but it is a very cool album!

I do shoot digital, this is a hybrid album (each day is a 4x6 print) and it was easier for me to do it this way. I don't think I would have been able to keep up with it had I done it the old fashioned way!

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