Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wanna know what frozen air looks like?

Well then, here you go:


It has been unREASONABLY foggy here in our parts of the world for about a week. I've come to the conclusion, that London has nothing on us at all. I know. I've been there. Twice.

Not only can we not see what our neighbors are doing, we can't see if an ax murder is hiding in the back yard. Getting dismembered really is something that you'd like a little pre-warning for if yaknowhatimean.

On second thought, maybe I'd prefer that to just be a big surprise if it *must happen*.

Today we had to go to Kansas City, and it makes for a really long trip when you can only see 62 feet in front of you. I was so happy when the road curved to the left, (five mile corner) and I said to Tanner "Oh thank god, I know where I am now!"


So the other morning, we got around, headed out the door, and Gene said "you have to see this!" Everywhere there was spikes of frozen fog on everything. One of the more surreal things I've seen out here. Well, that and the fox's butt. Other than that, it was pretty surreal.


Can you guess what this is? I'll tell you at the end.


And a day without seeing my clothesline, is like a day without sunshine.
Which, well, quite frankly, is pretty much all of them.


Me no understand.



I really wanna lick the antenna. I really really do.


He looks like he has lots of tiny teeth eh?

And as proof of my voyages:


Titled: "Holy crap! Get me out of this place!"

PS. It was a broom!

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Kerry McKibbins said...

Those pics are great!
Sorry it's so cold, lol.

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