Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wanna see a really Foxy Butt???

I was sitting on my couch today, and something moved outside, I looked up to see a fox walking down my driveway..

I snuck outside and caught this:


Shortly before he looked up, saw me and bounded out into the brush.

I suspect he's looking for meeses. You know, it's that time of year, the beans are out, and I live in a bean field. The choice seems obvious... "To the oasis!" So he can have all the mice he wants as long as he doesn't get himself into trouble... like eating cats. :(

This pic had to be my consolation prize yesterday. See the snow? Yeah there was sleet/ice with that too.

I was scheduled to go to Kansas City to meet the one and only Pioneer Woman. I got up early, fixed my hair, and put on my favorite Pioneer Woman outfit. In fact, we call this the "PW shirt", cute lil' jean jacket, boots! I have boots! (well mules, but hey).... caked on some make up. I kept peeking out the window, wondering if it was going to clear up or not. The rain stopped and I was so happy, only to realize that now it was snow.

I kept checking weather.com, was watching the weather channel, and you KNOW something is up if I'm watching the weather channel because dude... *b.o.r.i.n.g.*

Jim messaged me, and finally talked me out of going.

So hopefully, someone remembered to have my book signed, and someday it will show up in the mail!! I'm so sorry PW that you weren't allowed to be graced with my presence. I am sure I was sorely missed and there was much grieving. *sobs* (most of it by me).

SERIOUSLY, I started wondering if I could fly somewhere.
That's how bad I wanted to go.


Junebug said...

That fox butt made me laugh. I actually had a dream last night about a fox and a wolf. It was quite funny for some reason. I got to go to the booksigning in Tulsa.

Heather Rega said...

you can read my post about it on my blog.

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