Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Mz-Cellaneous Cast of Characters

Introducing: The cast of Characters for the Mz-Cellaneous blog...

I often mention names, but realized that since my readership continues to grow, many of you may not have a clue who I'm talking about! So I'm giving you the reader's digest version of the people I talk about the most.

Now if you didn't make the list, don't get your panties in a bunch. Doesn't mean you're not awesome, or that I don't love you and flowery stuff. Just means I don't talk about you every stinking day!


Now, in no particular order (cept Gene, cuz he wouldn't be any less than first... that's what he told me anyway).


Player: Gene
AKA: Hubs, or The Glass Man

Loves me (this makes him awesome by default). Installs glass for money. Likes guns and diamonds. Writes short stories. Is really confident. Loves his family. OK with his wife showing him how to run a miter saw. Wears a Stetson. Randomly writes country music songs. (really good ones!). Makes me belly laugh. Loves me with all his heart.


Player: Tanner
AKA: Tan-man, the youngest son

15 years old. Freshman in High School. Loves animals including mice. Has 6 year old goldfish despite their living conditions. Rides a bike and plays a trumpet. Good with a computer. A mini McGyver. Wore braces for 3.25 years and now they are gone! Pretty quiet til you get to know him. Is growing faster than a weed right now, and I'm figuring it's 6 months until he's bigger than his older brother.. who has an ass beating coming after 15 years.


The Player: Amber
AKA: Mini-me, Ambie

A bizarre younger, more beautiful, skinnier version of me. Likes to scrapbook. Loves her husband Cole and her boxer Copper. Likes having her hair brushed. Cuts hair for a living and does well at it. Lived in Iowa her whole life. Has no children. Was Daddy's girl. Has more jewelry than Barbie, but less than mom. Exercises every day. Loves the Wizard of Oz. Kind of the daughter I never had.


The Player: Gary Sinese
AKA: Lt. Dan

Hot. I got a crush. I don't talk about him much. Just wanted to prove I was THIS CLOSE to Gary Sinese. *swoon*. Hell yes... I took that pic.


The player: Seth
AKA: Boy Wonder, The eldest

20 years old tomorrow! Kind hearted. Living on his own (with 3 roommates). Works at a grocery store. Has grown up a lot the past year. Loves cars but doesn't own one. Loves animals. Has a cute goatee. Most likely to get married without telling his parents first (or that he has a relationship!).


Player: Stacy
AKA: Stinker, Stacy Lynn

Good mom. Known her since 9th grade. Knows everything about scrapbooking.... that's a lot! Has 2 girls and a boy. One of the 3 in the great ho-ho caper of 1986. Digs tattoos. I designed one of them... kinda. My Maid of Honor. My most liberal friend, but doesn't vote (whew lol). Went with me to Colo on a "Thelma and Louise" adventure. Opinionated. Blurts what she thinks. Bold.


The Player: Baby Feet
AKA: Ester's toes, awww

I don't talk about baby feet. They are just cute. I wanted to share. Stacy hates feet. Even baby feet. wth?


The player: Mack
AKA: Puddy, (on the right)

Crazy. Very weird. My shadow. Loves rubs. Will chew his leg off of you touch is back. Loves rubs. Jealous of Jingles. Jealous of the mice. Jealous of Gene. Loves rubs. Was born under my desk. 11 years old. Looks like a baby bobcat. Loves rubs!

The Player: Jingles
AKA: Jiggly puff, (on the left)

Crazy. Wants to sleep on my desk when I'm working. Adores me more than my husband. Wants to eat only when Mack eats. Soft like a bunny. Scratches my chainsaw bear (grr). Lets me hold him like a baby and kiss his face. Will let me put him "down for a nap" and I don't see him for 8 hours. Jealous of Mack.

Now you know the players of the Mz-Cellaneous blog. So someday when I reference one of my characters, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about.

BTW, I reserve the right to change up characters, change their qualities and kick them in the ass whenever necessary :p

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Terry said...

You are a wonderful photographer, the pictures on your blog are beautiful.

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