Friday, November 6, 2009

Tanna + Errol = Getting Engaged!

You need to meet Tanna and Errol, they are two sweet and beautiful people, and they let ME take their engagement photos!


Of course I'm going to start off with one of my favorite photos. I love this pic, it's just so different. Feels like an album cover to me.


I had just gotten my new Canon 50D a couple days before. No better way to practice than to put your feet right to the fire and just do it!

I'm so happy with the results. So happy with the new camera upgrade!


I know they thought I was crazy. It's hard for me to understand that sometimes ppl can't see what I'm trying to do. I always say "trust me! It will be awesome!"




I love it when couples let me trudge them through mud and weeds, and then smile when they do it.


How beautiful and sexy of a couple are they!?


But it's not all serious.


Yes. I know I cut their heads off. I do that sometimes.
(My mom still doesn't "get it")


I try to talk to the couples, get to know them better, ask them about their lives, see what they do for a living, ask them about their siblings, or their dogs... I ask them about the ring, and the wedding, and what are their colors. Mainly to get them talking, but also because I LOVE WEDDINGS.

Eventually, we talk about the ring, and how he proposed, and sometimes there's a "he didn't". And I shouldn't tell you this part, but I will.

If I get a "he didn't" I'm probably going to do this:


Make him do it again.


On one knee.



Now Tanna has her proposal.


Congrats you two. You're awesome. I wish I could be there at the wedding! (I was booked). I'm so flattered they wanted me to do their engagement session.

Keep in mind folks, if I'm already booked on your date (and trust me, there are 3 dates this year that I could have sold 12 times.... *no kidding*), we can still do engagement session, a pre-wedding bridal, after the wedding session, a rock the dress session (putting your dress back on and taking awesome pics)... heck, if you were married 4 years ago, we can still put your dress back on and take some awesome pics.

Call me!

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