Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to my "Little Boy"

Livin' in the clouds

I own a 20 year old.


Yeah I'm shocked about it too!!! 20 years ago, a 20 year old, barely into adulthood herself, dropped a bomb on the world. LOL. And we named him Seth Logan.

I have an 20 year old!!! (I was really just 12 when I had him.) :p

On November 7, 1989 (already about a week or so overdue) I went for my weekly appt with Dr. Jane and my blood pressure had shot up. So, she suggested we wait a few days to see what happen, or I could go in early on the 8th and they'd start me.

I went home, pondered it for a while, called Dr. Jane about 8 - 9 p.m. (you really can't do that anymore!) and said I'd meet her in the morning. She had me show up at the hospital at 7 a.m., at 9 they broke my water, at noon nothing had happened so they put me on the pit, and by 4:05 p.m. There he was, a screaming bundle of joy, and he hasn't stopped screaming since!

6lb, 10.5 oz. I can't remember how long he was. Yeah I'm mom of the year!

One year Seth until you can buy beer, but you know, I don't think you will. *pollyanna view of the world*

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Gennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your 'Little Boy!'

You know you totally don't look old enough to be his mom, right? :)

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