Monday, November 30, 2009

Rockin' Rollers Salon - Lenox, Iowa


You know Amber. She's my baby sister. Yeah she loves it when you call her baby sister! Cuz well, she is. But anyway, Amber is also a hair stylist. Pretty damn good at it too! She kinda sticks out a bit like a sore thumb.

Cuz of the purple hair and such.


ANYWAY.... A couple weeks ago, she found herself in a life altering situation, either open a salon, or well, open a salon.

She decided to open a salon! Good call! It's called "Rockin' Rollers - Hair of Fame" She let me kinda help name it. Good sister! Anyway, it has a rock type theme to it, and it's super cute! It was kind of a "do it quick" sort of thing, and even still, it's turned out really well considering especially where it started.. which was a dank dark place.

OHHH.. and FYI, the new movie coming out called "The Crazies" (a remake from 1973) was shot in Lenox, and guess what else? Part of it was shot in the building where Amber's salon is *right now*. How crazy is that! Sooo.. you should go visit, get your hair cut, and check out a real live movie set :)


It's decorated in a rock theme, guitars and wings. We're having fun coming up with ideas to decorate, then look at each other trying to determine when we'll find the time. Just please, don't get Amber started on how bad I screwed up like 2 expensive pieces of vinyl. Love you Amber!



She's also doing nails, which not a lot of people in her area (Lenox Iowa) do.


If you want to get your hair cut, in a cute salon, in SW Iowa, if you are within driving distance... go here. I know I'm biased, ... but... if Amber were in LA, she'd be one of those high falutin' celebrity type stylists. So look, you get that, at a fraction of the cost!

Rockin' Rollers
108 S Main
Lenox Iowa

For an appt, email Amber and she'll get back with you asap!

PS. Tomorrow, when Youtube is working again, I'll link up the crazies trailer so you can see too!

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Amber Reed said...

Who's that sexy Beouch...LOL!! Good work sis!!

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