Thursday, November 5, 2009


That obsession was short lived wasn't it?

I've been trying to slowly spruce up this place for TWO YEARS now. I'm loving what it's turning into. I love that it's out here in the middle of a bean field. I love that it's quiet. I love that we're doing it all ourselves. I love the *inside* of the house. I hate however, the outside, but I'm working on that too.

Or I was.

In an attempt to make it look like a house didn't just fall out of the sky ala "Wizard of Oz", I've been planting trees like it was my JOB. 15 so far, for the record.

I went out to check my water meter and noticed this:



How weird is that.. and the other maple is just like that one too!

Later that day, I was belly aching about it to my friend Jim, who turned and said "Uh, you probably have a buck".

To which I repeated "WTH?"

And he said yep. Then he sent me pics of saplings that bucks loooooooove to rub and it looked like this:


And then I decided I need to get a freaking deer tag!

Look at me pretty, jump out in front of my car, poop in my yard, eat my flower (and yeah, I think it was you dammit), but I DRAW THE LINE at my trees. You have rubbed the wrong tree mister!

Game on beyotches.

PS Oh the irony, that I drive to IOWA to take photos of stupid DEER... and there's one setting up camp in my own yard!


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