Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's that time of year, where this guy rules the roost of many households:


If you don't know what that is, well, it's a soybean. My friend, I live smack in the middle of a soybean field (this year anyway, hoping next year to be corn).

This stuff, is not just as an additive to stretch your fast food burger anymore. It's used for fuel, animal foods, candles, crayons, etc etc. So yeah, it makes me kinda proud and tolerant when traffic slows to 12 mph in a 60 waiting for a combine to crest a hill.


Seeing these sights lately, just make me smile...



But it's especially exciting, when you hear that telling hum outside your back door, and you know that it's YOUR TURN.


Yes, I know, it kicks up a lot of debris, and my car looked like it had been in the middle of a desert for 2 days... but it's finished.


They made quick work of the area around us. Running 2 combines, several different tractors hauling away the beans. In fact, everywhere you go, you see loads of beans headed whichever direction. More semis traveling up and down this road than there will be for an entire year, all in a couple days.

But they never stop. No matter what, if the weather is good, and there's no dew on the beans they have to come out.



And they go a lot faster than you might think....


This is a 20 second exposure!

Good bye beans. I will miss you, as you've always been a safe haven for the field mice and now they will all exclaim....


To the oasis!

Hi, my name is Lana, some critters call me "Oasis".

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