Friday, November 6, 2009

Maternity Shoot - Amanda (and crew)

Cutest Maternity pic ever on the way!

You were warned!


This is Amanda. New mom to baby Isabelle.

Isabelle has already rolled over! I saw that as a sign that I REALLY NEED to get these pics uploaded!



This is Dad... Patrick.
They are a sweet couple. Patrick is the talker. Amanda is the quiet one.


In a quiet beautiful sort of way....


You know what I mean.


We went to the lake and there were so many beautiful spots there in a small area that I could have shot all day. I was very impressed considering this was my first shoot after I broke my big giant foot. I only tweaked it twice.

Thanks Patrick for helping me up after I laid on the ground for pics. I know I couldn't have made it without you :)


These tall grasses, queen anne's lace and clover. Mmm! Delicious! I took half my pics here, and I could have taken 200 more easily.

Amanda reminds me so much in this pic as a 70's flower child, that I had to juice it up and make it look like I just pulled it out of grandma's magnetic album.



Patrick showed up with a pretty nice camera himself and I was all "what the heck do you need me for?" and their response? "We didn't wanna chance it."


I have mad respect for ppl that "get it"

So I gave Patrick a couple tips, and then stood back and watched him practice. Go Patrick Go!

Amanda and Patrick have 2 other little children. Let me warn you, this is the most adorable maternity picture EVAH!


Doesn't that make you wanna run out and have a couple....
weiner dogs?

It does me!


I've begged for a weinie dog ever since I saw this adorable girl.
I want!


I offered to do the shoot for free if I could have that dog.

I meant it.

I still mean it.

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Amber Reed said...

Great pictures, I actually went to high school with Amanda, and didn't know you took her pictures, but they are beautiful!!

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