Wednesday, January 6, 2010



There is something that winter has over summer. Hands down.


Winter has the proof that summer does not. Having 27 feet of snow on the ground something little happens. There is proof of where you've been, and who's been here before you.

I love that.


I'm not sure what my fascination is with tracks. I love trying to see a track, and figure out what was there. I think it's interesting to watch the way a critter will travel across the field. Why did they stop there? What made them travel in a big S curve, or run around in a circle 3 times?

You just don't get that kind of proof with green grass.

Sorry summer, I still love you baby.


There is this huge open field around us on all 4 sides. yes, I live in a bean field. It's flat, and the snow blows over. I mentioned to Gene the other day, that this must be what Alaska looks like. And he said "it is, it looks just like this".

and I said "wtf? You've been to Alaska?"

and he responded that yes, he had, for a month on manuevers.

I had no idea. lol.

So let's just say, I have little desire to go to AK. Sorry hun, I love you too, you're an awesome state, very important and helping us round out to the 50 mark. But I don't wanna visit, even tho Uncle Kermit is up there half the year.


Lately I have noticed something that shouldn't irritate me, but does.

It's a snowmobile. Yes, a snowmobile is disturbing my beautiful white field of snow. Grrr... all the way from here to town, through peoples yards, along the highway. Something about it just annoys me when I drive along and see an ugly path. (I almost caught a pic of them today).

I suppose I shouldn't complain too much. We had snowmobiles when I was a kid, and for the record, I wasn't all that into them.

Oh look, it's cold.. let's go out and do 55... in the snow. With no facial protection.
Super FUN!


I'll be fine. Just give me a Xanax.

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