Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dude.. I can see your house from here. Or not.

Yes, we have another one of those snow storms. Honestly, I'm kinda getting used to it.

No, I don't live in Montana, or Idaho. I live in Missouri. Missouri ppl! You know, where 50% of the country thinks I live in the *south* (which I do not, don't EVER get me started on that). But it doesn't really matter where you seem to live at the moment. It sounds like pretty much the entire country is getting dumped on in their own way. We're talking 10 deg in Florida. HA. About time they got a taste of Missouri :p

So yesterday, I attempted to do a whole bunch of errands including taking Christmas decorations back to the storage unit. I packed up the Jeep, which for the record, does not have the room a dodge neon has. This is true... I've carried plenty of 8' lumber in that car *with the trunk shut*

I get to the storage unit, and lo and behold, they have not scooped the sidewalks. This was yesterday, a week with no snow, and there was a 1 foot drift in front of my door.

Oh, and the lock was frozen.

A smart girl would have gone and bought a cup of coffee and tossed on it.

I never claimed to be smart.
(stunningly beautiful yes, smart on the fly? .... ok sometimes)

So I trudged back home, unable to see out of my back glass. Cussing the whole way. Then today, Gene calls up and says "is it snowing like the dickens there?" (who says dickens anymore anyway?) I say yes, and his next sentence is "so you're taking the Christmas stuff to town right?"

Ugh.. "Yes" I say, as I look down at my pajamas.


So I heated up a cup of water, put it in gene's coffee mug, and headed out in the blizzard. When I get there, I'm presented with the same unscooped walk in front of the storage units, only now there's another inch of snow on top.

It's cool the looks you get when you drive up a sidewalk.


OK, I'm kinda digging this 4 wheel drive thing. I do have to keep reminding my husband that just because it's a jeep does not mean it will drive over *anything*.

Stay in school kids!

I had to make 2 trips because well, I have a small "trunk" and frankly, I have too much Christmas shit. I honestly tried to reduce it by one tub and somehow ended up with one more!

I didn't feel like I could leave it til tomorrow, because that means another frozen lock (I just packed it full of water remember) so it was 2 trips to town and back. It got ugly in that 1.5 hours time frame.


The highways are getting ugly. Again.
School is out early and Tanner is home, but currently occupied with his new camera that came in the mail today.

However, the highways look stupendous compared to our road:


Can you find my house in this photo???

yeah me neither.

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