Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Round-up

The dust has settled after company coming. In fact, I slept about 10 hours last night - this is rare for me, I usually sleep 7.5 hours to the penny. I was exhausted from all the little "jobs" last week I guess.

I probably should exercise more.


So anyway, just wanted to share a few pics from Easter Sunday.


Tanner and Cheyenne (lower right in the black jacket) hid all the eggs. They did a great job, but there was much discussion about how we should paint them green and glue a dandelion to them, they'd never be found! (our mower is in the shop sadly). They were hidden so well, that we're still finding eggs. hah.


My sister Torrie and her little one, Tayen came to visit too. She's a tiny diva (don't DARE say the wrong thing, or you'll get the 'eye roll'), but she warmed right up to all the girls and went in head first.


Everyone had fun (I hope anyway), Madison (lower left) seems to be gifted at finding eggs. she ran out of space in her bag. Sarah (not pictured) had help from Cheyenne to find eggs. Funny, Sarah seemed to find the extra special golden egg... made easier because Cheyenne hid it!

I call foul.

After it was all done, Tayen was much more interested in the stars of the show:


The chickens. (duh)

Poor Daisy.

Daisy (and 4 others) actually belonged to Tayen first, and is probably the reason that Daisy is so tame - because she packed her around like a kitten. Tayen is also one of the few ppl I've ever met that just walked up to LWC (lil' white chicken) and picked her up like it was no big thing.

LWC is a diva too. Gets highly offended when you pick her up.


In the end, I have decided that all major family functions will be held at my home for 2 very good and valid reasons:

1. I don't have to drive anywhere. This is great for my patience and my bad back.
2. It forces me to clean my house from top to bottom. Gene and Tanner thank you.

Having said that, I probably should go and re-clean the same said house because parts of it are a disaster area afterwards!

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LisaDay said...

Force cleaning is great. However, a maid would be better.


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