Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Michael's Mini Me

When I was a kid, I was seriously a rabid Michael Jackson fan. *embarassingly rabid*
In my defense, MJ was awesome. srsly.

One Christmas, mom bought me a genine vinyl beat it jacket and I LOVED that thing. Even after the fad passed, I couldn't bear to give up the jacket (or my other MJ stuff) and it went into storage. A few months ago, I was thinking about it and decided to start digging until I found it... and I did!

I set back the coat in hopes of having SOMEONE let me take photos of them in it for my blog, I knew for sure the thing wasn't going to fit ME anymore.
Oh snap.

Tanner flat out refused before I could even ask. "I am NOT going to wear that jacket so you can take my picture!" Hmmpft.

Tanner's best friend is a big MJ fan, so I kinda thought about him, but failed to take the initiative to contact him about it, but then thought of my sister Amber, who's a rocker type herself - and the jacket would probably still be too big for her (hmmpft again).

Since my husband's grandkids were here over the weekend, I suggested that the oldest go out and try on the coat. She's a ham and loves to goof around. Plus she was the most likely to actually fit in it. I wanted to wait until evening so I could work on my off camera flash techniques (practice practice!), we went out into the center of the road in front of my home and tried out countless "michael" moves.

We then started playing with the flash behind her, and luckily, it was misting just a bit so we got some crazy shots of the drops lighting up around her.

It was kinda fun, goofing off and reliving a few memories. Hopefully Chey will have some fun memories now too.

Sadly she doesn't have any lace hair bows, neon earrings or big hair completely fulfill that "dream", but I'm pretty sure I could hook her up.


Swimtaxi said...

A fun story to go with the photos ... some are stunning!

LisaDay said...

Fantastic. I am glad you found someone to volunteer.


Sara Bell said...

LOVE these! The shadow detail of the last one is my favorite. =]

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