Friday, April 15, 2011

Life by bullet points


  • Oatmeal is my new breakfast of champions. Since I was eating 2 bowls of cereal a day most of the time, and milk is even more expensive per gallon than gas, I decided that maybe that was a bad habit that needed breaking. Besides, oatmeal is better for you. I only do the old fashioned slow cook - with cinnamon since that's what the Doctors (tv show) seems to say is good for me. Sigh.

  • Thanks everyone for the compliments on my new site! I'm very pleased with it. I have a few more small things that need done but basically that's it. Start watching for a overhaul here too soon. It will be epic.

  • I can't pull of using the word "epic" can I?

  • Speaking of epic - taxes are done. Yay taxes! (argh) It didn't take me long, and always goes easier than I expect, but it's still something I will always procrastinate until 4-15. (I did it 4-14 so I was EARLY - go me).

  • Rained like a mutha last night but for some reason, it just felt kinda good. Like we all needed a good cleaning. (mainly the chicken poop thing).

  • I'm moving into the bookcase, and cleaning out the guest room (it's become storage/packing central) because we'll have guests at the end of the month. My stepson, his girlfriend and kids are all coming at Easter. yay!

  • Tanner is working on a project for me. More pictures later. It's still raining, so he can't work on it *right now*. Yes, he's off school today (under my feet. You'd think at 16 they would stop that. BTW, Hi Tanner!)

  • Today is the anniversary of the day I met my husband. Yep, tax day - that's the only way I can remember. He's a keeper (most of the time).

  • Random swollen feet suck. Boo

  • Happy Friday!

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